Dear followers, dear Trackmaniacs,


after announcing the release date for We Are Trackmania I am proud to announce a giveaway to celebrate the time I spent on Trackmania and on this video.

I will be giving away 5 mousepads with the “We are Trackmania” design you see above. The mousepad is 32,5 cm x 19,7 cm big (orย 9.25″ x 7.75″) and is a pretty high quality mat, with a rubber downside (so that it doesn’t slip away), 3,18mm (or 1/8″) thickness and washability (in a real washing machine; and it won’t lose its colors). If you don’t need a mousepad, you can still just use it as a neat desk repository!


What do I have to do?

Guess the exact length of We Are Trackmania. In minutes and seconds. The 5 closest submissions will win. Multiple answers are not allowed. If two have the same winning answer, the actual winner will be picked randomly out of these.

Tip: It will be between 20 and 30 minutes long.


The deadline is on Sunday, July 19th 2015!

Submit your entry either per comment (on Facebook or or per E-Mail to!

Link to the Facebook post here.


Have fun guessing!