(IWA = I was at)

I’ve had the great opportunity to go to the first Noisia Invites Festival ever in Groningen, the Hometown of NOISIA. I went with (I call them by their ingame-nicknames) basbaas, hype and riolu and we met up at different places until we were all together. By car, it took us 3,5h to get to Groningen, out of the middle-west of Germany.

I have visited 2 Noisia Invites events before; (Noisia Inites at Melkweg (Amsterdam) and at Doornrosje (Nijmegen). All of the previous events were happening at venues with a roof. The festival was the first Noisia Invites at Open Air. I really appreciated the change to open air for the summer, as especially the events with heavier bass music tend to heat up quicker (temp-wise) and also, having the event starting earlier than 22h (10pm), you have way more energy to keep yourself up until the end.

Before I talk about what special things I saw and what I liked, I want to express what I disliked. First off, you weren’t able to bring beverages with you into the Festival area PLUS you weren’t able to leave and come back later. This rule resulted in having us go later to the festival, as with that rule we already expected insane prices for drinks and water. And the prices WERE insane. 10 tokens cost 25€, 1 token was a cup (0,33L) of lemonade or beer and 2 tokens were a bottle of water. That means, 1 bottle of water – half a liter – was 5 €! I really understand that they want to make a win here, but charging this much is rather contraproductive in my opinion and results in people starving until the end rather than selling a lot. Contradictive to my opinion, though, beer was sold out at 21h (the event started at 15h) already. Secondly, the amount of people relying on drugs. I see that (especially in NL) heavier music comes with a higher amount of people relying on harder drugs (not necessarily talking about THC or alcohol) normally, but I don’t really saw a lot of them “enjoying” the festival, but rather the atmosphere created by their intake. I guess I just have to accept the culture here; regarding that, I never ran into problems with that directly, as everyone was quite friendly.




Coming to the positive things about this all.





Groningen is a truly gorgeous city with amazing architecture and nicely paved roads. Hell, we just found a parking spot on some street like 500m away, without even struggling to fit into the spot. The festival itself was on some plaza, surrounded by a university complex and flats. We had two stages, with one being smaller than the other one. Only thing to complain would be the stones we’ve been walking on, as the shoes got dirty really quick, but who cares?




There were many acts showing up this day and I only got to see some of them, as either their times were overlapping or we just didn’t see them. First set we witnessed was Ivy Lab. He mostly played trap and other bass music with some dnb elements. Good start, not my taste, but his set was still good. First full set then was Posij, who had a great mixture of dnb and (slower) bass music. Really liked his set and mixing. Hybris’ set was really exceptional and dynamic, I missed a little of that “rave” feeling there though. What I mean with that is, that his set was really good, but not 100 % suitable for being an event set. Going ahead, we missed Icicle’s set for taking a break and witnessing the other stage. Dope D.o.D. were not really my domain, but their stage performance looked really fun and professional. Joker’s set, as far as I’ve seen, had some really nice beats. Damn!

Then it was time for Mefjus’ set. It was special, because I missed him the last time for Noisia and because of his newest releases (e.g. Emulation) I and WE were pretty hyped – and we were absolutely not disappointed! His set was incredibly dynamic and lacked shitty fillers inbetween, also accompanied by great mixing skills. The time went so fast on this one. It was obvious we needed a break from this one. We were like “Holy sh*t, my heart!” after the set. It was difficult to stand around and film 3 minutes of his set (see below).

After taking a drinking break, we went on from the end of Camo & Crooked to Noisia’s set. Camo & Crooked obviously top notch, as far we could listen by the way. Noisia’s set was usual – and that description is not meant to be negative. Their previous sets have been amazing and this one didn’t disappoint as well. Too bad I was tired really quick. I used the opportunity and got some free merch (posters) before they were “gifted”-out.

In conclusion, great acts and really diverse. It’s rare that you find a one-day festival with such a broad spectrum of bass music (imo).





The people who go there are just as important as the acts. Or atleast as… . Well, it’s important that most of the visitors come to the festival with the “right” mindset. What is it? I don’t want to determine that, but I just gonna go ahead and tell what I think. In order to go to such a festival, you need to be either interested in that kind of music, or just open minded for something new. Also I believe that you don’t need any drugs to enjoy a festival. People who need harder drugs (as I said, I exclude THC and Alcohol) are maybe part of the whole culture, but they are rather a bad example of a good crowd.

Talking about this very festival, everyone I talked to / danced with / had fun with was really nice. Nobody was trying to be an asshole. Solidarity is an important part of festival culture and we should try to keep it that way.

I also recognized a lack of pretentiousness in the crowd aswell. In an ordinary venue / party / club you would meet those pretentious sort of people, who think they are more important than the other, or simply think they are special if they dress like a christmas tree (No, I am not a marxist!). I enjoyed the mixture of fashion aswell; you have a bunch of “normal”, nicely clothed people on the one hand, and on the other you have colorful and crazy styles from another bunch. I like that.



Mefjus Set Snippet


Camo & Crooked Set Snippet


Noisia Set Snippet



I can suggest everyone, who is into that kind of music (or wants to be), to visit an event / festival like this. These things are part of your teenie years (and beyond) and you can only fully enjoy that while being young and unmarried. If you have the chance, visit a Noisia Invites event. I’ve not been disappointed so far.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the “review”!