Today the day has come. I have officially terminated a project many forgot to care about. I’ve been hyping it up a lot 2 years ago and I thought of many things, planned a lot of scenes, experimented too much with ingame functions (that do only work quarter-assed), built some maps for scenery; the journey has come to an end though. Time goes quicker than fresh motivation for this project appears. I really wanted to finish this one – sad to know I never will.

Nothing to be sad about, though. I’m not really into storytelling enough anyway to tell you what’s going on in what I think to be a great plot. If TRIO won’t ever be finished, why not sharing my ideas for the plot atleast?

On the bottom of the page, you can find video links to two preview clips I uploaded today on youtube. It’s the only watchable footage I got.

I want to use this post to talk about what I thought it’s gonna be and provide you with some useful resources I don’t need anymore.




March 2020. TRIO is a enterprise specialising in quick & high-security delivery of any kind of objects. They typically appear in three cars, get the subject and depart in parted ways. You do not know which car does transport the delivery – not even the TRIO does. The customer randomly places his delivery in one of the cars.

Not only are they quick, armored and precise – they also do have three different types of characteristics: Blue car is the most equipped vehicle (computer-assisted driving assistance, drone deployment, surveillance), the red car is equipped with heavy weaponry and the yellow car is lightweight and typically the fastest car – also because the driver of this one is a former racing world champion.


This time, the delivery seems more suspect than usual: A harddrive has to be delivered from (a fictional city called) Mont-Vallée to a shelter in the south of France. Client is none other than Florent Castelnerac (head of NADEO – Trackmania). It is to be believed that an early version of the greatest game of this millenium is on this drive and needs to be secured. Castelnerac has reported several entities trying to gain access to the filetree, but they failed. As the situation at NADEO HQ got too dangerous, Florent has vanished with the harddrive in his pocket to seek TRIO assistance for delivering the drive to a safe and heavily guarded place. If this drive gets in the wrong hands, NADEO is doomed and so might be most of France’s economy by that time. Isolationist politics have put this country under economic pressure.

The exchange at Mont-Vallée goes nominal. The three cars are beginning their trip towards the south, as suddenly a huge amount of armored cars are starting a chase. The cars split into three routes, reducing the chances of the delivery getting lost. 100km into the journey, it seems like all three have escaped the danger for now. Suddenly, the yellow vehicle becomes victim of an ambush, wrecking the car and being threatened by the green forces, which aim for the drive to profit their own shady businesses. The yellow driver manages to secure the payload (which might be empty) from the enemy forces and flees towards a point closer to the two other routes the other cars are driving on.


Blue and Red are beginning to realise quick that Yellow is in big trouble and are starting a rescue attempt – only to also drive into an ambush. This delivery does absolutely not go after plan.

blah blah blah – end is not entirely defined yet, but that’s basically how I imagined it: Delivery is secured, TRIO guys survive, happy end, champagne and baguette.

Basically, I revolved most of the film around the two different Soundtracks you can hear in the clips below. They played a huge role in inspiration.

Neosignal – Sequenz

Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix)


Design and Ideas


I revolved most of the style around what I feel like listening to the soundtrack. Technical, sharp elements, aggressive action, et cetera.

The IO resembles kind of a processor, which works with zeros and ones. Coincidentally, IO is also part of TRIO. Keyword intelligent, vigilant and lightning fast.

The whole style of the movie should be dark. Pitch black with some colorful elements. The more different colors you see, the more action you can expect. Simple color rules for entities: Red, Blue, Yellow = Good (complimentary colors) – Green, Purple = Bad people.

The whole film would have happened at night. It begins when the sun sets and ends when the sun rises over the horizont.



Just so you guys have something out of it, here you have some resources that might help your similar projects. It took a lot of time to build the city and little time to make the skins in comparison. You are free to use everything! Credit would be appreciated.

The Mont-Vallée City: One version without objects (so you can use the shootmania shootman and canyon car in valley) and the version with Valley City objects (you need the Titlepack “Valley City” by Darkpuddle/Podel).

Version: 1
527.6 KB

The TRIO Skins: Not too ugly, not too fancy. Use for driving / videomaking / fulfilling my legacy.

28.7 MB


And last, but not least, the clips. (They will be public after 10am, CET)

TRIO IntroTRIO Midpart


Thanks for reading and I hope, someone will find use for the work I’ve done, so it doesn’t just all go to waste.

Dennis Keller (Ozon)